The vision of this production service is to bring to life the ideas people may have, but don’t know where to start. Our goal is to use every song that is produced to further the kingdom of God, as well as breath new life to worship music today. We are also here to help provide tools for church/worship services such as creating live stem tracks.

We can also help with services such as, graphic design, web design, video shooting and editing, just let us know!

The sound design division of Spenser Olson Productions was formed to help musicians get the best sound out of their MainStage/Midi keys rig in a worship service.

We’d love to work with you on your next project! If you would like to inquire about any of our production services please visit our contact page.


  • Custom Stem Tracks
  • Songs and Albums
  • Mixing/Editing
  • Guitar (Acoustic + Electric)
  • Bass
  • Keys
  • Programming


  • Web Design + Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Shooting
  • Video Color Grading
  • Video Editing



Essentially it is presets for MainStage stock sounds that are geared towards worship music. If you are a church musician and want to get into MIDI and software sounds this is a perfect way to start. You do not have to learn how to create sounds on the synthesizer your self because I’ve done it for you. When you buy a bundle, you get a download to the folder with a concert and individual patch files! All you have to do is open up that concert and save the channel strips and you can go create your own concert for this weekend with ease. Hope you enjoy the sounds as I have worked hard to create them!